Saturday, July 10, 2010

[Insert the tired comment...

about never blogging any more here.]

Next Monday morning, Meghan and I will be ending our usually awesome two-year stint in Marietta. We'll be moving to Winder for a number of reasons, including Meghan's new job in Gwinne++. That Monday will mark the first time since the mid-1990's that I will live in a home that is not attached to another person's home.

After realizing that this move was going to happen, the human consequences of that reality set in quickly. There was a bit of sadness over the fact that it will now take us 50 minutes to do that which we have been able to do in 15 minutes or so for the last 24 months. As time has moved on, I believe I have begun to feel that mourning our new locale is pretty cynical. Our lives are woven quite permanently into the lives of many around our Cobb County home. Dont think that a few exits on a Georgia interstate are going to keep us from the people we care about. Plus, he upside of this move is very big for both of us.

As the fog of moving has set in, I have begun to think that the real discomfort of moving is less about the packing, and the boxes, and money. The real issues are in the disruption, the unfamiliarity of your new world corner, and the shock that shifting your quarters can bring about. This evening I walked from my office to the front of my dresser in my bedroom in near complete darkness. The comfort that allows that to happen only follows the lessons learned from the bruises of a new place.

I look forward to a point in the not-too-distant future where we can stay somewhere long enough for it to become and remain home.